What Are Examples of Tech Investments that Greatly Exceeded Performance Expectations?

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    What Are Examples of Tech Investments that Greatly Exceeded Performance Expectations?

    When it comes to tech investments that surpass expectations, CEOs and CTOs have seen some remarkable outcomes. From incorporating competency assessments that boost hiring to enhancing an online alarm service with blockchain, explore these four compelling experiences shared by top executives.

    • Incorporated Competency Assessments Boost Hiring
    • Blockchain Transforms Supply Chain Management
    • Strategic Tech Investments Fuel Innovation
    • Blockchain Enhances Online Alarm Service

    Incorporated Competency Assessments Boost Hiring

    One experience where a particular tech investment greatly exceeded our performance expectations is incorporating competency assessments into our hiring process.

    We use competency assessments as one level of filtering when hiring for a position. Once we've reviewed the resumes, we send candidates competency assessments before we start interviews. This provides us returns in three key ways:

    1) The recruitment process is shortened as we have hard data that allows us to directly compare candidates. We don't rely only on instinct or intuition for our hiring decisions anymore.

    2) Our interviews are more profound and insightful as we already have an understanding of the competencies of the candidate, and an idea of how they'll perform in the role they're applying for. This means we can tailor our interview questions to areas where we'd like more information about their experience, or where they might need more support during the onboarding process.

    3) We're hiring more of the right people, and they're sticking around with us longer. Many of our company values are competency-based (for example, transparent communication), so incorporating competency assessments into the hiring process allows us to see which candidates are the most well-suited for our company culture and the direction we're developing in.

    Linda Scorzo
    Linda ScorzoCEO, Hiring Indicators

    Blockchain Transforms Supply Chain Management

    We took a bold step by investing in a startup focused on developing advanced blockchain solutions for secure and transparent supply chain management. Initially, we believed in the potential impact, but the actual performance exceeded our wildest expectations.

    The blockchain technology not only streamlined our supply chain processes but also enhanced traceability, reducing inefficiencies and errors significantly. What surprised us the most was the positive ripple effect on our sustainability goals. The transparency provided by the blockchain allowed us to ensure responsible sourcing, contributing to our commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

    This investment showcased the transformative power of technology and reinforced our belief in backing innovative solutions that go beyond immediate benefits. It's been a thrilling journey, and it has opened our eyes to the vast possibilities that emerging technologies can bring to the table.

    Jon Morgan
    Jon MorganCEO, Venture Smarter

    Strategic Tech Investments Fuel Innovation

    In the dynamic realm of technology investments, several remarkable instances have significantly surpassed performance expectations. Notably, investments in cloud computing infrastructure, exemplified by pioneers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), have reshaped the landscape of IT operations, offering unparalleled scalability and cost efficiencies to businesses worldwide. Furthermore, the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) has yielded remarkable returns, with AI-driven solutions powering everything from personalized recommendation engines to transformative advancements in healthcare diagnostics and predictive maintenance in industrial settings.

    Additionally, investments in cybersecurity solutions have proven to be exceptionally fruitful, as organizations increasingly prioritize safeguarding their digital assets against evolving threats. Innovations in cybersecurity technologies, including advanced threat detection and response systems powered by AI and machine learning, have enabled proactive defense measures against sophisticated cyberattacks.

    Moreover, the transformative potential of blockchain technology continues to inspire significant investments, with applications extending far beyond cryptocurrencies. Blockchain's decentralized and immutable ledger systems are revolutionizing industries such as supply chain management, digital identity verification, and decentralized finance.

    These examples underscore the immense value of strategic tech investments in driving exceptional performance outcomes and fueling innovation across diverse sectors. As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of the digital age, strategic investments in technologies such as cloud computing, AI, cybersecurity, and blockchain will remain pivotal in unlocking new opportunities and maintaining a competitive advantage.

    Ritesh Joshi
    Ritesh JoshiCTO, Let Set Go

    Blockchain Enhances Online Alarm Service

    In our online alarm service venture, we recently integrated blockchain technology, which proved to be a game-changer for us. We leverage the decentralized ledgers, which enhanced our alarm data's security and integrity and made it tamper-free. Transparency and traceability are additional dimensions where blockchain has significantly exceeded our expectations. The decentralized ledger allows real-time updates and notifications, enabling customers to trace and verify our events effortlessly. This investment's success exceeded conventional expectations, demonstrating the potential of unconventional technologies in online security services.

    Naima Ch
    Naima ChChief Marketing Officer (CMO), Set Alarm Online