What Approaches Are Effective for Measuring the ROI of New Technology Implementations?

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    What's one approach you've taken to measure the ROI of a new technology implementation?

    In the quest to quantify the success of new tech investments, we've gathered insights from a range of professionals, including business owners and ecommerce managers. They discuss strategies from setting quantifiable goals and monitoring KPIs to measuring business process improvements. Dive into these four expert approaches to effectively measure the ROI of new technology implementations.

    • Set Quantifiable Goals and Monitor KPIs
    • Track Data for Marketing Campaign Effectiveness
    • Be Hands-On With Evaluation
    • Measure Business Process Improvement

    Set Quantifiable Goals and Monitor KPIs

    For Festoon House's lighting industry entrepreneur, calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) of new technological implementations is essential. One strategy that works well for us is to first set quantifiable, explicit goals before introducing the technology. These objectives must be in line with specific key performance indicators (KPIs), such as higher customer satisfaction, lower operating expenses, or more efficient production.

    After the technology is put into use, we carefully monitor and evaluate the KPIs that have been identified over a predetermined time frame. To precisely determine the impact of the technology, we compare the data from before and after it was implemented. This data-driven strategy links the investment in new technology with a clear correlation to help measure the observable benefits.

    Eric Eng
    Eric EngFounder and CEO, Private College Admissions Consultant. Business Owner, AdmissionSight

    Track Data for Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

    One approach we've taken to measure the ROI of new technology implementation is through meticulous tracking of our data and rigorous analysis of the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. This includes observing key metrics like customer engagement, conversion rates, and overall traffic to our website.

    We can attribute these conversions to specific marketing initiatives using advanced analytics tools, enabling us to identify which strategies maximize our investment. This data-driven approach allows us to continually refine our marketing efforts, ensuring we achieve the best possible ROI.

    Matt Little
    Matt LittleOwner, Festoon House

    Be Hands-On With Evaluation

    My go-to strategy for assessing the ROI of a newly implemented technology involves personalized planning. I initiate the process by setting clear and measurable objectives tailored to the unique goals of the technology adoption. Drawing from my experience, I define specific key performance indicators (KPIs) that directly align with our intended outcomes. Once the technology is in place, I personally track these KPIs, delving into data related to increased efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and user satisfaction. This hands-on approach to monitoring allows for a nuanced evaluation of the technology's impact, providing personalized insights into its return on investment and guiding tailored decisions for subsequent implementations.

    Andy Fryer
    Andy FryerCo-founder, Easy Signs

    Measure Business Process Improvement

    The best measure of ROI on any technology implementation is to measure improvement in the business process for which the technology was implemented and how people and teams using the technology have benefited from it. Conducting a survey of business teammates using the technology and having a KPI matrix before the technology was implemented and after its implementation would provide us with real data, which would help us to measure the ROI of the technology implementation.

    As we always say, it's all about people, process, and technology, and I think we need to look at all three together to come up with real ROI and not just limit it to technology benefits only.

    Gaurav Singh
    Gaurav SinghCyber Security Leader, Under Armour